Osaro is one of the Founding Partners of Perchstone & Graeys, and is also the Managing Partner of the firm, leading the Capital Markets, Banking & Finance and Private Client Practice Groups.

Osaro was admitted to practice in England and Wales in 1989, and in Nigeria in 1991. In recognition of his diligence, passion and contribution to the legal profession, he was conferred with the prestigious rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 2008.

Osaro applies his deep understanding of the common law to assist with innovative structures for High Net Worth Individuals using the dynamic concept of trust (Private Trust) to manage their affairs as well as to support more complex financial structures. In his quest to ensure the reformation of Trust regime, he sat on the committee responsible for drafting a Trust Law for Lagos State.

In 2007, Osaro was appointed by Lagos State Government as a member of a Lagos Trust Committee to assist in drafting an Express Trust Law for Lagos State. The object of the Committee was to draft a Trusts Law of Lagos State that is in consonance with modern trends, and relevant to our socio-economic circumstances, as well as to suggest improvements in the law relating to the Administrator-General and Public Trustee and identify revenue-generating possibilities from Trusts.

He represented the interest of a beneficiary of an estate in the settlement of arguably one of Nigeria’s foremost Trust cases. The suits which commenced in 2012 at the High Court and 2016 at the FHC respectively, traversed through the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court on preliminary issues and involved complex disputes arising from the device of companies to beneficiaries under a Trust.

Osaro is constantly engaging the international experts in order to bridge the gap in the financial regulatory sector in Nigeria. Reinforcing his background in common law using the flexible principle of Trust, he has been opportune to work in exotic areas including subjects such as Secured Credit Transactions in Movable and Immovable Assets, Asset-Backed Securities such as Bonds, Commercial Paper, and Medium Term Note. He constantly advocates for the amendment of relevant laws to create a supportive legislative framework for innovations in the financial sector. As a result of his expertise and innovation in the financial industry in Nigeria, Osaro participated in the review of pending Bills organized by the Project Management Office of the FSS 2020 (Central bank). He was also a major participant in the team responsible for signing into law the “Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act 2017’. His Excellency, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, recognized Osaro and the firm for the assistance rendered to the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) in securing Nigeria’s elevation by 24 points in the World Bank’s Comparative Analysis of the ease of doing business. Osaro was also appointed the Co-Chairman of the National Factoring Working Group, and Chairman, sub-committee set up to review the proposed amendment to the Asset Management Corporation Act and proposed Bill for a regulatory framework for Securitization and Asset Backed Securities on behalf of the Legal Implementation Committee.

In 2019, as Managing Partner, Osaro received an award on behalf of the firm; the award given by Legal Era for the firm’s innovation, legal finesse and accomplishment.